The State of ESports in the Philippines

🎮 The State of ESports in the Philippines 🏝ī¸

📅 May 17 - Friday

With Esports being included in the upcoming South East Asian (SEA) Games 2019 is the country ready to take the lead finally and bring home the gold? Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Tekken 7, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Arena of Valor have been announced as medal events for the 2019 SEA Games.



Justin Villaseran

  1. Kadmiel Dae

  2. Jego Daniel Zolayvar - JEGOKAGE

  3. Marlon Marcelo

đŸšĢ Sexual Harassment in Cosplay

📅 May 17 - Friday

How do you define sexual harrassment in a cosplay setting? With recent controversies involving phtographers, cosplay crafters and even cosplayers, how can we prevent it from happening.



Jennylyn Castro

  1. Khyze Tomas

  2. Ian Lee

  3. Messi Chan Spears

Sexual Harassment in Cosplay
Piracy and Anime Fandom

👁‍🗨 Piracy and Anime Fandom

📅 May 18 - Saturday

Online sites which caters anime episodes and movies are some of the favorite sites of fellow Otakus. How does anime piracy affect the anime fandom? Can true anime fans really avoid pirating their favorite shows?



Reverie Wonderland

  1. Tomas Jefferson Hernandez

  2. Janrii Kun

  3. Wencie A. Gonzales

🏆 How to Win Competitions (Karaoke, Cosplay, Gaming)

📅 May 18 - Saturday

What are the secrets to winning competitions? Let us learn from some of those who had already won various competition and perhaps we can incorporate them in our own quest for victory.



David D'Angelo

  1. Messi Chan Spears

  2. Renzo Alferez

  3. Kyel Santos

How to Win Competitions (Karaoke, Cosplay, Gaming)
How to Become a Successful Game Streamer

🕹ī¸ How to Become a Successful Game Streamer 👨‍đŸ’ģ

📅 May 19 - Sunday

Streaming is becoming mainstream. With tons of people using live stream as part of their usual day to day routine, let us take some que on how you can become a successful game streamer. Are there secrets to it?



Beejay Remegio - The_Cerebro

  1. Zeuz dela Paz - JizeuzPH

  2. Shiela Millette Navarro - Shiela Meow Gaming

  3. Gloco - Gloco Gaming

👸 What does it take to be an Idol? 🌸

📅 May 19 - Sunday

The culture of Japanese Idol is becoming big in the Philippines. It was an unexpected trend that goes beyond usual groups like MNL48. What will it take for someone who aspired to be an idol to really become one?



Jay Agonoy

  1. John Lorenzo Manalili

  2. Sakura Olay

  3. Wiljanz Lopez

What does it take to be an Idol?

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