~ MAY 24 - 25, 2014 ~ || 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Cosplay Idol Grand Finals






Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol is a unique cosplay plus talent competition started by Naruto Cosplayers PH in October 2012. It is a cosplay competition which showcases both the cosplay creativity and talent of each contestant. Last year, Bolen Lareza from Valenzuela won as the Grand Cosplay Idol. The total competitors this year will be 10, with the 6th finalist being selected during Pinoy Otaku Encore. The four remaining finalists will be selected during the Wildcard Phase to be held at Cosmic Con 2014 on May 10.

Cosplay Idol Season 2 finally comes to a close as we witness the final showdown among the best of the best cosplayers with both cosplay power and talent. This is a grand showdown.

Cosplay Idol Finalist

Cosplay Idol Widlcard Finalist from Cosmic Con 2014


  • Initial Ramp - each finalist will be called on stage by 2.
  • Stage Performance - each finalist will be given 5 minutes to perform their cosplay performance and talent.
  • Question and Answer - after each performance finalist will be asked by the judges.


  • There will be a total of 10 finalists. 6 of the finalists will come from the Cosplay Idol winners of each Cosplay Idol Season 2 legs and 4 from the Cosplay Idol Wildcards.
  • Each cosplayer will be given 5 minutes to perform.
  • Cosplayers are required to confirm from 10am – 12:30pm on May 24. Failure to comply will mean disqualification.
  • Upon confirmation all finalists are required to submit 2 copies of their character reference photo for proper reference of the judges to their character. Failure to comply will mean a 5-point deduction on their total score.
  • All finalists are also required to indicate their talent to be performed upon confirmation.
  • Use of human props is allowed and there is no limit to the number of human props as long as their performance will not exceed the time given. A 10 point deduction will be made for every minute in excess. There will be a timekeeper assigned at the event to monitor this.
  • You can cosplay ANY GENRE from Anime, Gaming, Cartoons, Comic, Movie and Series. Extreme body exposure or fan service is however, not allowed.
  • Finalists cannot repeat the cosplay costume they use during the elimination round.
  • For Wildcard finalists they cannot use any costume which they have used twice during the competition.
  • All competitors will be asked to read the Rules and Mechanics and sign that they have read and understood it.
  • Technical requirements of each finalist should be communicated to the technical team prior to the start of the event.
  • Dangerous stunts, metal props and other dangerous objects or props will not be allowed.
  • In case of destruction or damage due to a contestants cosplay act, the cosplayer will be the one to answer for the said damages.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  • If you have any complaint please watch out for our feedback form or drop it at the suggestion box/feedback box that we will deploy during the event.
  • Winners who are announced and not present will be contacted via mobile phone to arrange collection of prizes. A representative from the organizing team will collect the prize in their behalf.


  • 1. The judges for the finals will all be RESIDENT JUDGES of Cosplay Idol.
  • 2. All Judges will be asked to sign a Judge Contract and Agreement and this include the random audience judge.
  • 3. Criteria for judging will be as follows:
    - Characterization (cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions) – 25 points
    - Costume and Accuracy (accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal) – 25 points
    - Performance (catwalk and performance during the presentation) – 25 points
    - Overall Appeal (This will be judged by 5 random judges from the audience and will consist of how they see the cosplayer's overall impact in their perspective. Judges will be selected at random during the event.) – 25 points
    - Talent and Cosplay Idol Starpower (the difficulty of the talent performed by the Cosplayer) – 50 points
  • 4. In cases where an audience judge has a connection with a competitor or fails to do his task, the score of the judges partnered with him for Overall Appeal will be used.
  • 5. Remember that judging for the competitors is not only during stage presentation, we have instructed the judges to also base Characterization and Appeal off stage.
  • 6. Overall Scoring Summary will be released online and posted.
  • 7. Decision of the Judges is final and irrevocable.