~ MAY 24 - 25, 2014 ~ || 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Asia Music Festival - BandSlam




Performance RULES



  • Sorry! the registration is now close
  • Please provide only correct and appropriate data for the online registration.


  • Practice your song before the deadline also If you have any changes on your song, please notify us before the event.


  • In the event-proper, look for the registration booth for confirmation of your registration and payment of 250 PHP! Good luck!


Show off your best band performance on Asia Music Festival: Bandslam! Perform your favorite anime song and OPM. If you happened to have an original composition, this would be a best chance to show it off!

The Band list for the Asian Music Festival Band Slam on (Sunday)May 25, 2014

  • 1. Shizukesa
  • 2. Reloaded
  • 3. Laruan
  • 4. Deus Ex Spada
  • 5. Deadline
  • 6. PorkChop Duo Influence
  • 7. Shinpei
  • 8. True Confession
  • 9. SkyBeat Music
  • 10. Wakaranai
  • 11.Binhi


  • Period of registration is from March 31 – April 18, 2014.
  • Upon arrival at the event please proceed to the REGISTRATION AREA and confirm your registration.
  • There will be a registration fee worth 250 pesos per band
  • The Battle of the Bands in-event registration and assembly time starts at 12pm.
  • The time limit for each set of the bands will be a maximum of 15 minutes or a total of 3 songs including setup.


  • Each band can perform a total of 3 songs.
  • Total performance time should not exceed 15 minutes including setup.
  • Bands are required to perform one (1) TV size from Anime series and one (1) Pinoy music.
  • The 3rd song can be any Korean Pop, Chinese Pop, Original composition
  • The songs can be Remix as long as the total number is 3.


  • No growling,cursing/foul words and excessive drum beating.
  • (We all have musical genres/influences that we would all like to showcase on stage but please keep in mind that this event will be held inside a shopping mall. We would strictly comply with their standards, no questions asked. )
  • Jumping/diving off from the stage intentionally is not allowed.
  • Contestants mustn't intentionally cause damage to any nearby equipment or audience members while performing or even after the bands' set.
  • Sound check should not exceed a decent amount of time, a minute or so will do.
  • Should any technical problems arise during the event (equipment malfunctions on organizers' side, etc) performers' time will be adjusted.


  • Contestants should be in strict compliance with their call time. Late performers/bands would not be allowed to perform if it is going to affect the schedule flow of the event.
  •  The organizers hold the right to disqualify any competitor for any poor behavior displayed by anyone of its members or that go against any of the rules stated.
  • The organizers holds the right to go against any judge’s score sheets/decisions if any wrongdoing is found or suspected. (Falsification of scores, sabotage)
  • NCPH Band Captain& President holds the right to keep any competitor from performing.
  • If you have any changes on your song, please notify us before the event.
  • Decision of the JUDGES IS FINAL and UNAPPEALABLE.


Criteria for judging will be as follows: bandslam
  • § Musicality--- 40% (harmony, rhythm, technical sound quality, song selections in compliance with the theme)
  • § Performance--- 35% (confidence, stage presence, style)
  • § Interaction with audience --- 15% (Verbal - band introduction, band interaction with the audience and Physical - Eye contact, head nod, acknowledgments, waving, gesturing, etc)
  • § Audience Impact--- 10%