~ MAY 24 - 25, 2014 ~ || 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM



HOW TO "Get" it

We are thrilled to say that there will be no entrance fee for this convention but there will be VIP tickets. Also, this event will serve as an outreach project so we will require all attendees to bring 1 notebook plus any other school supplies in replacement of the entrance ticket for POF 2014: FANTASM. Proceeds of the items will be donated to "Balik-Eskwela Project" of Naruto Cosplayers PH.

Also we are open on in-kind donations if you want to give more. We are also open for donations that are solely for charity purposes only. Oh! remember, there is a saying: "The more you give the more you recieve." :)

What to obtain

  • You should obtain a Notebook + any other school supply
  • That "any other school supply" may be, but not limited to: pencil, pen, eraser, pad paper, coloring materials and rulers..
  • Be sure that the item you've obtained is in pristine condition so it can be used by the children who will receive it.

Why school Supplies?

  • Basically, another school year is about to start so we thought that donating school supplies should be helpful in this time of year.
  • The school supplies that we will collect during the event will be donated to "Balik-Eskwela Project" of Naruto Cosplayers PH.

Entering the event

  • Finally, on the entrance of the event proper, you will see designated personels collecting school supplies with a huge box on their side, give the school supplies to them and then you will be marked so you will be able to enter and re-enter the event area as you please.


  • In exchange we will give you a Limited Edition FANTASM ID.
  • Your number ID will serve as your raffle entry.
  • A ticket is only available on the day you received it.
  • On DAY 2, if you already have a FANTASM ID (which you recieved on DAY 1) you will not receive a new FANTASM ID, instead, the number of your FANTASM ID from DAY 1 will be reactivated for use on DAY 2.


A VIP TICKET is worth 350 PHP and if you purchased it, you don't have to bring any school supplies and it's valid for 2 days. VIP TICKETS will give you the privilege to the following:

VIP TICKETS are available at the following accounts & individuals: