~ MAY 24 - 25, 2014 ~ || 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


General Event Rules and Etiquette

  • NO LITTERING - Keep the place neat and tidy. Be like the Japanese. Stay clean & be proud of it.
  • NO DANGEROUS WEAPON OR CLOTHING - No Sharp Blades, Armor, Live Projectile Weapons material will not be allowed.
  • For everyone's safety, remember to hide your weapons when leaving the event area.. There will be a designated baggage area during the event.
  • Starland Themepark is a non-smoking area. Keep yourself and others healthy.
  • KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE - Your belongings are your responsibility. If you have lost something, please report at the marshalls on-ground or at Facebook (for post-event) and we will provide help.
  • LOOKOUT FOR YOUR CHILDREN - Keep your children safe. If you have lost someone, please notify the marshalls immediately.
  • DO NOT BLOCK OTHERS, PATHWAYS, ENTRANCE AND EXIT - Do not take photos on pathways. For emergency reasons, please do not camp at the entrances or exits.
  • We have marshalls scouting around the event, for any questions regarding the event, crew(s), sponsors, procedures, interviews and cosplayers.
  • Please ask a cosplayer before taking photos. Be mindful and respect the cosplayers. Ask before you take a photo.

Please be REMINDED OF THE FOLLOWING as you enter our event “PINOY OTAKU FESTIVAL 2014: FANTASM”:

  • 1. This is a Live Action Role Playing Event (LARP). It is a LARP EVENT and NOT a LARP GAME.
  • 2. Bear in mind that you are entering the Holy Britannian Empire.
  • 4. Now, WHAT IF YOU DON’T HAVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES WITH YOU? We hope that you can provide one through the tenants available at Starmall, Alabang. This is for a cause so please do help us.
  • 5. Upon entering please approach the proper authority and be ready to give your entrance donation of a NOTEBOOK + an additional school supplies.
  • a. For regular event goers you can approach the DONATION AREA.
    b. For cosplayers please approach the COSPLAYERS REGISTRATION AREA.
    c. For VIP PASS HOLDERS who are Britannian Royalty please approach the INFORMATION AREA.
    d. For GUESTS, JUDGES, and PERFORMERS please approach the Information Area and indicate your name.
  • 6. Everyone will be given a designated ID for proper identification. Remember that you are inside a territory so please keep your IDs always.
    a. Regular event goers - ELEVENS
    b. Contest Participants - HONORARY BRITANNIAN
    c. Staff, guests, judges and performers - BRITANIAN
    d. VIP Pass holders - BRITANNIAN ROYALTY
  • 7. Visit our booths they surely have some items which would interest you.
  • 9. The event will not tolerate any lewd or disorderly behavior. Event organizers have the right to escort you out and confiscate your Britannian ID.
  • 10. We strictly apply the COSTUMES DOES NOT MEAN CONSENT policy here.
  • 11. There are BAGGAGE SLOTS available at the 2nd floor of the castle.
  • 12. For any LOST ITEM please REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to the Information area.
  • 13. For HOLDERS OF GEASS CARD, upon completion please proceed to the Information Area.
  • 14. If you feel that you had been harassed or mistreated by any event marshall, security or personnel please report it to the Information area immediately.
  • 15. PLEASE READ and ABIDE by this RULES and GUIDELINES and you will definitely have a good time.


  • Q: What is Pinoy Otaku Festival?
  • A: Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) is a Naruto Cosplayers PH Main event that happened every year. It started in the year 2011 where Naruto Cosplayers PH together with Red Cloud Events and Productions organized cosplay events, band performances, etc. For this year 2014, POF integrates a unique theme for the event: Fantasm.

  • Q: What is Fantasm?
  • A: Fantasm means a creation of the imagination or fancy; fantasy (Fhan付asm). This event will make the people feel at the ‘World of Anime’ where event marshalls and staffs will play a role of a certain character. As soon as you entered the event, you will be on a ‘role-playing zone’ where staffs/marshalls will act as what the the character they are cosplaying. More information about how our convention has grown from its humble beginnings can be found here

  • Q: When and where will POF 2014: Fantasm be held?
  • A: The event will held from Saturday, May 24 through Sunday, May 25, 2014 on 4th Floor, Starland Theme Park, Starmall, Alabang. (Also known as Metropolis, Alabang).

  • Q: How should I get to the event?
  • A:We provided some helpful travel tips and map for finding route to POF 2014: Fantasm. You can travel by means of bus, jeep or car depending on your location. More information about the event location here

  • Q: What hours will the event operate?
  • A:The event will run from Saturday, 11:00 am until 7:00pm. It will resume the next day, Sunday, 10:00am until 7:00pm.

  • Q: Is there an entrance fee for the event?
  • A:We are thrilled to say that there will be no entrance fee for this convention but there will be VIP tickets. Also, this event will serve as an outreach project so we will require all attendees to bring 1 notebook plus any other school supplies in replacement of the entrance ticket for POF 2014: FANTASM. Proceeds of the items will be donated to "Balik-Eskwela Project" of Naruto Cosplayers PH.

  • Q: How to get a VIP Ticket?
  • A:VIP Ticket is 350 pesos and available only for 200 slots. Click here to see where can you buy VIP ticket for the event.

  • Q: Can i see what is the Ticket ID?
  • A:You can see the design of the ticket here

  • Q: Is there an age limit for the convention?
  • A:None. However we recommend children 12 and under to have guardians with them at all times

  • Q: What exactly happens at POF 2014: Fantasm?
  • A:We are currently preparing all the programs we have for POF 2014: Fantasm. There will be plenty of events going on at all times. There would be Cosplay photo marathon, Cosplay competition, utau and vocaloid sing and dance contest, JPOP Karaoke contest, band performances, and many more!

  • Q: Where can I find the full schedule of events?
  • A:Our interactive online schedule click here

  • Q: What will I do if I have concerns/questions while at the event?
  • A:Just visit one of our information booths and our friendly staff will answer the questions you may have. There will also be plenty of staff and security roaming at the event with shirts and IDs. Also after the event, there would be a suggestion box at the information booth so you can write up about your suggestions/comments.

  • Q: I want to be updated for POF 2014: Fantasm. Where should I go to get the latest updates?
  • A:You can visit our event official website . We will also be updating the event details simultaneously on Facebook and on Twitter.

  • Q: I am a media partner. Where can I get my media pass?
  • A:We have a separate booth at the entrance for the media/exhibitors where they will sign for attendance and the assigned marshall on the booth will give a media/exhibitors pass.

  • Q: I want to set up a table and sell at the event, who do I contact?
  • A:You can check our contact page for sponsorship, booths and other concern.